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LOST Episode 3.13- “The Man from Tallahassee” Preview

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This LOST episode IMO looks to kick some serious ass. I say Locke is psycho, and i’ve never liked his whole “talk to the island” bit…but all in all, his back story seems pretty interesting.  I heard a rumor once that Locke was paralyzed by the deck that Hurley collapsed…but i tend to believe that Locke has seen some serious action…the dude at the box company called him Commander Locke…and eyepatches from the past week knows him…so we shall, see, that is my only prediction for this week though, that Locke has seen some action in the ARmy or some sort of undercover action hero sort of thing.  The reunion with jack should be interesting as well…i mean, last week’s final second tease was imo HILARIOUS…but, I believe that Jack is still just playing along….anyways, tune in and find out for yourself..laters!


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March 21, 2007 at 9:02 am

Lost Season 3- Episode 11, “Enter 77″…My take

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Well, last night’s LOST was one of the better episodes of the season thus far. I was not as disgusted with earlier episodes as some of the other fans were.

Last night’s show started out on the beach with Hurley and Jin finding the ping pong table, interesting. Sawyer-isms were thrown around, and they were some of the funnier one’s we’ve heard…the “Zorro” reference was funny, and when Hurley was called avalanche im sure that got a few laughs…..Anyhoo, i guess the whole ping pong thing was just to show us some footage of the Flight 815’ers stuck back at camp….but it was nice to see them again.

At the end of the first tease we met mister “I’m the last of the DHARMA Initiative”/Mr. Eyepatch. He was a fairly interesting character….im guessing he lives off the land or the DHARMA cows, because the only thing they ever showed us besides live cows, was the meat from those cows in his freezer. I don’t get it…

Anyway, i had a gut feeling this dude was no good, and didnt understand why he was being so nice to everyone….but overall i thought his story seemed genuine…the whole telling Locke he couldn’t beat the computer was nice…its obvious you could beat a computer…i mean come on…..Anyways, he then goes crazy on Sayid and Kate , but is eventually restrained…..blah blah….

If you saw the rest of the episode, i’m sure you know the rest of what happened, but in the end heres the highlights for ME…let me know if yours differ or you have any answers:

1) Eyepatch dude is really from the DHARMA Initiative

2) They never actually showed the computer talk to the mainland…..could be a ploy….we’ll never know

3) Eyepatch dude was writing stories about what he saw on the island??

4) Miss Klugh (CLUE), is a double agent possibly (thanks to flutieman for this one)

5) The HOSTILES(OTHERS) have been on the island longer than the DHARMA People were (do i hear WAR)

Looks like we can tune in next week to see some Tesla Coil action…..wonder how they’ll get through….

Check out this TV Guide author’s summary….its pretty good


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March 8, 2007 at 8:10 am

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Lost 3.11- “Enter 77″ Sneak Peek

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I found this clip, and though I started to watch it, I thought I’d hold off to save the surprise for Wednesday when it actually airs.  All I know is there is a lot of potential for some Sawyer nicknames….Looks like they dig up an old ping-pong table somewhere on the island.

Can’t wait…..watch at your own risk!  lol.

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March 3, 2007 at 7:57 pm

Lost 3.10- “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” Recap

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I was pleasantly surprised by tonight’s Lost. We started with a flashback right off the bat with a young Hurley watching his dad leave for what’s supposedly a short trip, but turns out he leaves and never comes back…at least not until later. 17 years later.

The episode was really a lot more lighthearted than the previous two, which was a welcome relief. Hurley was doing a bunch of little snippets that have been dearly missed these past few weeks. Overall, I guess not much plot was developed, but it was a great message Hurley brought up about having some hope, and it really made sense once they played all that slow-mo with Jin giving the flower to Sun, and Charlie going to Claire, drawing on their relationships and how they just need to have faith in each other and hope that it will all work out. (my attempt at an interpretation)

I was also glad that Charlie didn’t continue to mope, and took the chance to ride shotgun with Hurley…Nice moment. Glad to see it worked out for Hurley in the end. Sawyer continued to be priceless, and I can count off the top of my head at least three nicknames that made me laugh out loud tonight.

The end of the episode seemed to be one of the biggest plot movements in awhile, seeing as they finally pointed out to Rousseau that her daughter is still alive and well (which we’ve pretty much know since way back in Season 2). At least…it seemed big to me.

Next week looks to be huge…I hear we may get a big revelation about the Dharma Initiative, and my guess is it has to do with Eye-Patch man and his return. I’ll post a promo once it’s up.

Thoughts about the episode? Post ’em!

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February 28, 2007 at 10:08 pm

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