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The Office – Season 6

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I’ve begun to get that end of summer hankering for new TV, and one of the shows I’m missing the most is The Office on NBC.

While the last few seasons were by no means the best, the story arcs they are branching off are starting to become more and more intriguing.

-Pam & Jim having a baby and eventually gettig married

-Michaels relationship, or lack thereof with Holly and other random women

-Anything having to do with Dwight’s and Andy’s shenanigans in the office

These are just a few of the intriguing plot points I’m following. Feelfree to comment with your own favorite moments on the show

Anyhoo, it,s time for me to watch The Closer on TNT w/ the wife and then check out Jon & Kate plus 8 to see eat trouble they are causing these days…


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August 3, 2009 at 8:07 pm

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The Office – “Goodbye, Toby” Musings

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SPOILER ALERT…If you haven’t watched The Office, READ NO FURTHER!




I’ll fill this in at some point after Lost, but how could the writers even dare leave out a proposal from Jim?!?

I guess they had everyone gunning for it, so it is a curveball, but I can imagine many people, myself included, are absolutely livid that they didn’t have Jim propose to Pam.

Lots of unexpected twists made up for this omission, but the wait through the summer is going to be torture.


-Tobey hitting on Pam comes off as creepy….EVERY TIME

-If Pam is going to school in New York, is she going to leave her job?

-Ryan’s gone! Ryan’s GONE!

-Holly thinking Kevin was “special” was hilarious….HILARIOUS

-Oscar’s line about the beard…..priceless

Many more to come after a second viewing later….For now…..Lost !!

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May 15, 2008 at 9:13 pm

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More The Office Season Finale Rumblings

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This post over a Watch with Kristin teases tonights Office finale in an evil, although satisfying way, saying:

  • There are 4 or 5 “no-way” moments
  • Prior episodes have subtly established big twists and spinoff possibilities
  • It’s insane!

I’m a huge fan of twists and turns (as evidenced by my discussions about Lost twist endings with friends)…so, this is very good news.

Also excited to see where the spinoff talk leads, because it’s potentially another great show that I’ll be glad to watch from the beginning.

Let the speculation begin…you can guarantee I’ll be glued to my TV tonight during the 1-hour Office season 4 finale!

Via Watch With Kristin

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May 15, 2008 at 4:34 pm

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NBC Shows Some Smarts…Says No to O.J.

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I’m glad that NBC and the people behind casting for the inevitable Celebrity Apprentice 2 had the smarts to NOT put O.J. Simpson on the show.

After all the problems he’s had with the law in the past few years, he doesn’t deserve to be featured on a national television program. It’d be like rewarding him for being the way he is, and I think there’s one thing that’s pretty obvious…he’s no role model.

Even so, like The Apprentice before it, I don’t think there’s any way that follow up seasons of the show will ever top the 1st season. Piers Morgan was an absolute perfect choice to make that show entertaining, and there’s just no topping that.

Via USA Today Lifeline

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April 24, 2008 at 2:26 pm

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The Office Season Finale Rumblings

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Over at Watch With Kristin, they’ve posted a preview of what to possibly expect for this season’s Office finale.

While I might normally expect these types of posts to be filled with spoilery goodness, today it’s not so.  But it does make some interesting points that set up a potentially HUGE finale.

The main thing she points out is that we know Jim is going to propose.  Also, after the episode this week, Pam pretty much knows it too.  The thing is, there’s apparently something bigger out there…..and I can’t really imagine what it would be.

The fact that there’s also a mention of a green screen being used in at least one scene doesn’t really answer any questions, other than the fact that Jim and Pam might go on some exotic getaway, but that seems too simple.

What’s in store for The Office at the end of this season?  I don’t really know….but I’m hoping they floor us like they did with that Season 2 finale…still one of the best hours (well, 40 minutes) of television ever.

Any thoughts?

Via Watch With Kristin

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April 19, 2008 at 12:22 pm

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Office Musings: The Chair Model

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I was just about to write off tonight’s episode as one of the worst in a long time…..that was until about 20 minutes in when Jim talked to Pam at her desk about proposing, then in a talking head made the comment about buying an engagement ring for Pam a week after they started dating (all after saying a proposal would happen, at some point).

That and the final Jim & Pam scene….

And I’m starting to think the only good episode B.J. Novak may ever write was The Fire back in Season 2….

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April 18, 2008 at 12:05 am

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“The Office” spinoff: Yay or Nay?

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A whole bunch of NBC news coming our way today, via a mini-upfront type presentation by the network.

One of the highlights for me revolves around this proposed spinoff of The Office that NBC has planned. I value Office news highly, because it’s been a show I’ve followed since it premiered and before everyone joined the bandwagon and made it what it is today.

This spinoff has me both incredibly excited and somewhat worried….On the one hand, it could be another great show for NBC, with good writing and hilarious situations…on the other hand, as Watch With Kristin points out (along with many others), it could be too much of a good thing. I’ll reserve judgment until I see who they get as a new “Michael Scott” type character (if they go that route with it).

One thing I think NBC should consider is to NOT make it another Dunder Mifflin Branch….A great idea would be to make it someone who does business with Dunder Mifflin, and spin it off that way. Then the regular Office staff can stay in tact. There is no way they can stand to lose some of their co-workers to another show because it just wouldn’t be the same.

Any thoughts? Feel free to post…..All in all, it’s an exciting day for fans of TV….and NBC!

Via Variety

Via Watch With Kristin

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April 2, 2008 at 1:18 pm

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Fall TV is back!

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It’s baaaaaack.

Last night was the first full night of NEW television in quite some time, and to this point it hasn’t disappointed. Unfortunately, due to my schedule I have to catch shows a day or two after through Tivo or ::GASP:: VCR….but I managed to get in Heroes and Prison Break (second episode) this morning, and both were good TV.

Heroes was a minor letdown in it’s finale last May, but I felt like this premiere took the show in another good direction, with better potential than it’s breakout first season. I was glad to see David Anders on TV again (he was in Alias), though I’m probably not as big of a fan as some of those who have followed his career for much longer.

The episode mixed a lot of little humorous moments, but mainly spent it’s time getting us adjusted to the new situations our heroes are in…..I particularly enjoy the fact that NBC now has two shows that have a focus on the paper industry (I thought the fact HRG was in a copy shop was a little more akin to The Office and Dunder Mifflin, even though he was sort of at a paper factory last season.

I’m interested to see where the Honduras fugitives fit into the story. My Tivo was so dark, I couldn’t really see what the girl managed to do to all those guys she killed….I’m assuming we’ll discover her power later, unless I just didn’t see it the first time.

Moving on, Prison Break’s second episode continued to keep me entertained. I’m curious about Whistler, and I’m excited to see what Michael cooks up this time. His tactics to get the water flowing in the yard showed shades of Season 1 material, which is a VERY good thing. I hope they can keep this story up for the whole season, because it could turn out to be better than anyone expected it to be. I still really miss having Sarah around as a main character. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll actually show up in person at some point. I can have a little hope, can’t I?

If I get some time, I’ll get some official recaps written, but I can’t guarantee that. There’s so much TV and so little time to write about it, I might stick to little blurbs here and there.

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September 25, 2007 at 11:25 am

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