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The Office 3.20- “Safety Training” Recap

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So overall, I was a little disappointed by tonight’s episode.  It had some high points, but overall, no major plot points were moved forward.

I’m ready for the promos to see where this is going…

The Good:

  • Jim and Pam spoke to each other….with NO hostility.
  • The Jam moment when Kevin said how Jim had been at Pam’s desk for hours and HOURS…..
  • The shunning and un-shunning was pretty funny…
  • The watermelon bouncing on the trampoline and onto the car….and then Stanley’s little reaction shot after the credits….
  • The jokes about the betting….especially Creed biting into the potato…..funny moments like these are what makes The Office so good.

The Bad:

  • I thought Michael was a little overboard…Not crazy like at the wedding earlier this season, but still….
  • Did anything even close to major happen tonight?  No!  Sure doesn’t seem like there’s only a few episodes to go before a finale….let’s see what the promos start to push now.
  • No new episode next week….bummer.

I’m hoping for a rebound episode next time….This one was just lackluster…….

It’s O.K. though….I have faith that The Office will go out on another high note this year!

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April 12, 2007 at 7:51 pm

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The Office 3.19- “The Negotiation” Recap

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So it was the first episode in like a month for The Office, and it felt good to have it back on. That said, I wasn’t blown away by any developments. There were funny moments, but the “I’m gonna kill Jim Halpert” situation was resolved without any big drama. Here’s what I thought-

The Good:

  • Darryl….he was great in this episode…and he taught Michael new words! Hilarious….
  • Dwight….again…great. I waited for that reveal on who shot the pepper spray. Also, his arsenal of weapons was impressive….Ninja stars and nunchucks….
  • On a further note, Dwight has a couple of great references….I can’t remember the first exactly, but it involved how superheroes are the real heroes…..(I really need to live-blog this show), but his description of Hiro from the other NBC hit everyone should watch (well there are others too…like Friday Night Lights) Heroes….Classic Dwight
  • Roy is fired! They better not magically find a way to bring him back!
  • Supersized! ’nuff said.

The Bad

  • Michael…anyone else think he was just a tad over the top. When he was blatantly offering to stop having sex with Jan, I thought it was a little overboard….In a real world situation, he would be in the middle of a deposition like Tobey said….Not as bad as the wedding, but still…
  • Jam—I thought Jim was being rude when Pam apologized to him, but maybe it’s just because I’m still rooting for them….
  • To add to the Jam stuff….I think those who have waited will finally be rewarded this season. Those looks from Pam when Roy asked if she would try to go out with him seemed subtle enough, yet still revealing she has some feelings left for Jim….Let’s see what shakes out.

Just minor gripes, but still a good episode….It’s going to be a sad summer without this show around…..

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April 5, 2007 at 8:31 pm

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Lost 3.15- “Left Behind” Recap

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So, it felt like forever since we had seen the group at “The Barracks”, and I thought this episode brought things back together nicely. I enjoyed this week alot more than last week.

The Good-

  • Juliet…any time she gets more than 30 seconds screen time, the episode is automatically that much better.
  • The portion back at the main island…nice to see Sawyer actually can be a decent human being…I just wish he could start using nicknames again….In time….
  • How about the throwdown in the jungle between Kate and Juliet…also, the throwdown in Kate’s “cabin”….I thought the “fight scenes” were a nice touch……
  • Jack and Kate….back together again….though did anyone else notice it was Kate and Sayid paired up and Jack and Juliet as a pair when the four of them headed back toward their island?

The Not So Good

  • Not much really happened again….It seemed like Kate and Juliet were in the forest an awful long time.  At least the first half of the episode.
  • We still don’t know what the smoke monster is…but apparently it doesn’t like the Others’ magnetic walls….Wahoo…..What is the thing already?!
  • Locke…still up to no good.  Is he going to join the Others?  That’s my theory…..He never wants to go home, and the Others have been there for this long.  He’d be a good fit.
  • No Sawyer nicknames…..a given.
  • That it had to end, and give us a great teaser for next week’s Juliet-centric episode.

I really enjoyed the Juliet episode last time…..I’m hoping this one doesn’t disappoint.  Let the wait begin….

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April 4, 2007 at 10:06 pm

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Survivor: Fiji – “An Evil Thought” Recap

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I’m really enjoying this season of Survivor so far, and I think it’s because they managed to get a decent crop of people this time around.

I thought it was an interesting reward challenge tonight, throwing fireballs at those targets.  They’ve definitely used the formula before, but those shots of the layer of cloth catching on fire and burning apart somehow looked cool to me.  I really wonder how long they were out there doing that.

Ravu finally managed to win a challenge, and got to hang out in an arcade.  At first, I remembered arcade is used for other things, besides videogames, so at first I thought it might be one of those rewards where they go to a small town and barter for their reward…but it turned out to be what I thought an arcade is supposed to.

I think the editing, plus a little alcohol from Rocky, clearly emphasized he was going to get the boot.  He was probably drunk, but still….don’t continue to make fun of people after they’ve shown they don’t like it.

Of course, they managed to lose another immunity.  Honestly, I think Lisi should have gotten voted out.  What’s up with her evil laugh…she’s done it twice now….She also had that little outburst about how not being picked for the tribe switch was her ticket home….seriously, I think she’s guaranteed she won’t be around to win the million.  She just needs to stop mentioning it, both in her confessionals and to the tribe, because it makes her look bad.

I think it’s classic that Yau Man hid that fake idol…It will be hilarious if it’s found and played by someone.  Genius…..

I think my pick to win, Earl, is still the frontrunner so far.  He and Yau may even end up in the Final 2…we’ll see how it plays out.

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March 30, 2007 at 9:12 am

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Lost 3.14 “Exposé”

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I have mixed emotions about this episode.

First, I always love it when shows start off with beginnings that make me wonder if I’m on the right channel.  I figured out pretty quick she was on a TV show, but still, initially I questioned if I had mistaken.  How classic to have Billy Dee cameo as himself….I found that funny.  Hadn’t heard anything about it either!

I’m going on memory here, so I apologize if this is out of order or I have a mistake.

The Good:

  • The first half of the episode, when I thought they maybe had worked with the Others.  I guess that was just too easy…
  • Bobby Biggs, AKA the science teacher who blew up in Season 1, was back…merely to introduce the spiders….
  • The splicing in/re-filming of scenes from Season 1 and 2 to establish Nikki and Paolo were actually there the whole time.   The show seems so different now.
  • Sawyer’s cracks about “Who the hell are you?” over, and over…..and over.

The Bad:

  • So apparently, Nikki and Paolo still served no purpose.  Did the producers kill them off simply because people were annoyed by them?  I have to wonder whether or not they really meant for them to die, or were forced to write it in.
  • The twists that were revealed, at least partially, by the previews.  Seriously, when Charlie started talking to Sun, and when they accused Sawyer, I already knew those would happen!
  • The under-a-minute time given to Ben and Juliet…they’re footage was better than most of the other flashback stuff combined.
  • Like I read on another blog…TV Squad, I think…..didn’t the producers say Nikki and Paolo would be forever remebered after some huge revelation in this episode?  Not so much…..

I still enjoy watching this show week to week, but it sure seems like this season they are promising so much, but delivering very little.  Given, the end of Season 2 establishes a high level to live up to, I still think that at times I could come up with better storylines than these.

We’ll see what happens….And yes, Kate gets yet another flashback next week.

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March 28, 2007 at 10:16 pm

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Prison Break- “Fin Del Camino” Recap

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So this episode was again particularly satisfying.  Things are shaping up for a decent finale.

Bellick, Michael and Sucre team up, all with different motives, to try and catch T-Bag, only to be swindled into a trap.  I thought it was a nifty set up that T-Bag pulled off, but they sure didn’t seem too concerned about the cops barging in on them.  And Bellick winds up with a bullet in his leg, preventing him from getting away.  Apparently the Panamanian police didn’t see the group of fugitives leaving the crime scene.

Alas, Bellick is behind bars again…only this time in a Panama prison.

T-Bag didn’t slip away for long, and ends up in a showdown with Michael.  There were plenty of great T-Bag quotes that I found funny…..the quip about getting his legs tattooed was up there with the Sawyer line about Nikki in Lost.  

Linc manages to get beat by Mahone, leaving an interesting setup for the final episode of Season 2.  It’ll be interesting to see if Mahone makes a break for it in Michael’s boat or not.  I was glad that they set up Mahone as still caring about his family back home.  He really is a good character, no matter how bad he has turned out.

I also almost forgot about Kellerman….I’m surprised he didn’t bite the bullet, literally, this time around.  I think his fate is sealed, considering he’s making his way to the Grey’s spinoff.  I’m glad to see he is helping Sara out by testifying to her claims about the conspiracy….If he follows through with it…..That’s another question.

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March 26, 2007 at 7:29 pm

Lost 3.13- “The Man From Tallahassee” Recap

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So this episode still didn’t bring Lost back to the glory days of Season 2, but it’s getting there. I thought the episode was a little predictable.

Of course, they confronted Jack, and of course, he told them about the deal he made.

The flashbacks at this point seem to be useless. Just answer all the questions and then stick to the island. There so much more interesting stuff going on there, they could just get rid of all the filler caused by the flashbacks.

John’s flashback once again saw his “dad” resurface. His girlfriend’s son (whom he is conning) hunts down Locke because he found out about the kidney he donated. Later, we’re told he’s dead, and when John confronts his dad about it, he gets shoved out the window, and voila, he’s in a wheelchair. Totally saw the boot out the window coming a mile away!

Back on the island, John manages to stay stupid again, and blows up the submarine, stranding everyone on the island. I’d go into more detail, but there’s not much else that happened.

I wish Rousseau would confront her daughter, Alex, already!

Next week looked decent….a flashback for the two most hated castaways, Nikki and Paolo. Sure did seem to hint that at least one, or both, of them die.

I’ll post the promo this afternoon.

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March 22, 2007 at 11:53 am

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Lost 3.12 “Par Avion”

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Overall, I thought this episode was just average.

The flashbacks were simply of Claire and a car crash she was in that killed her mother. Over the course of the episode, Claire learns of a “mystery” caretaker who is paying the bills for her mother’s care, even though it may be for not. Turns out this mystery man is none other than Jack’s Dad…and, the shocker that everyone saw coming…he’s Claire’s dad too!

Honestly, I’ve figured this was the answer they would give. I was desperately hoping for some miracle switch and have it be someone else, but in the end, it’s good to finally tie up this loose end. I will like to see the reaction when Jack and Claire meet back up again.

It almost seemed like a forced answer…sure, fans have been clamoring for it, but it sure seems like it would have or could have been done much earlier.

I was disappointed in this week’s lack of Sawyer-isms, but I’m sure he will come back full force later. The meat of this episode was the trek to “The Barracks”.

It was still hard to tell what eyepatch’s motives really were…. I really do believe he was telling Kate the truth, and that scene where he rattled through their names was pretty cool. The camera shots really added to the scene. I really wish we could confirm if he’s really dead or not. I suppose blood spewing (literally) from the ears is probably a decent indicator, but you never know.

The Sayid and Locke banter was hilarious I thought….when Locke was said “Sorry” after chunking eyepatch into the tesla coils, I thought he might add to the statement by saying how sorry he was for being an idiot….or dumb.

Lastly, the 30 seconds at the end were totally a great setup….Jack is running straight for Kate, only it turns out he’s going deep for a pass from Tom…..Jack, freely roaming in “The Barracks” playing football with their sworn enemies……This is just getting started.

Locke-centric next week, and it promises to answer why Locke was in a wheelchair…..I sense a showdown brewing between the search party and the Others…..Can’t wait!

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March 14, 2007 at 9:26 pm

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Andy Barker P.I. – “Pilot”

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I picked up the pilot for Andy Barker P.I. for free from iTunes, and had some time to kill this afternoon, so I gave it a shot.

Suprisingly, I thought it wasn’t that bad.  All the previous outings by Andy Richter have been bad, pointless, and pretty much pointless.  That said, this outing may have a little bit more of a positive spin to it.

While quirky and not overly funny, I did enjoy this first episode.  I’m not sure how it will hold up, but with the right development it could turn into a hit.  It sure is better than My Name is Earl….I’m still amazed that show is around.  I think it still gets higher ratings than The Office, which is just astounding.

If you get a chance, and have a spare moment, I highly recommend checking Andy Barker P.I. out.  Now, let’s see if it sticks around or is a quick removal from the schedule.

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March 12, 2007 at 5:49 pm

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Survivor: Fiji – “Love Many. Trust Few. Do Wrong to None”

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Well, my wishes were not fulfilled with this episode.  Is Ravu going to make it as long of a losing streak as Ulong?  Apparently not, because they’re gonna merge next time.  That showdown with Dreamz and Rocky…not as great as I’d hoped…

But it does set up for an interesting turn of events later…..looks like Rocky picks Dreamz when they switch next time.

I found Earl’s helping of Yau-Man a good-faith gesture, but in the end, it doesn’t help him all that much.  I would think Earl would want the idol to himself, because there is no guarantee that Yau will have his back.  Do they even have an alliance?  I don’t know…..Yau just doesn’t seem to have that many allies, that’s all.

Moto showed major signs of fracture in their alliance.  Lisi and Stacy were being pretty mean to Dreamz…I mean come on, at least show the people how to use the coffee machine.  I’ve never seen one like that either…. Probably clever editing, but I doubt Casahndra would drink coffee that full of grinds…. that looked gross.  Initially, I thought they might have had some hot chocolate in there too, but that’s when all the jerkiness started.

And Boo…don’t complain when the others talk trash to your face when you show up to a challenge eating/chewing a mango.  That’s one big fat hypocrite if you ask me.  I just hope he doesn’t win.

You heard it here and now….My pick to win is Earl….He’s setting himself up quite well…..and depending on how it shakes out, he might have a hidden immunity idol to boot.

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March 8, 2007 at 8:07 pm

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