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Lost 3.10- “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” Recap

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I was pleasantly surprised by tonight’s Lost. We started with a flashback right off the bat with a young Hurley watching his dad leave for what’s supposedly a short trip, but turns out he leaves and never comes back…at least not until later. 17 years later.

The episode was really a lot more lighthearted than the previous two, which was a welcome relief. Hurley was doing a bunch of little snippets that have been dearly missed these past few weeks. Overall, I guess not much plot was developed, but it was a great message Hurley brought up about having some hope, and it really made sense once they played all that slow-mo with Jin giving the flower to Sun, and Charlie going to Claire, drawing on their relationships and how they just need to have faith in each other and hope that it will all work out. (my attempt at an interpretation)

I was also glad that Charlie didn’t continue to mope, and took the chance to ride shotgun with Hurley…Nice moment. Glad to see it worked out for Hurley in the end. Sawyer continued to be priceless, and I can count off the top of my head at least three nicknames that made me laugh out loud tonight.

The end of the episode seemed to be one of the biggest plot movements in awhile, seeing as they finally pointed out to Rousseau that her daughter is still alive and well (which we’ve pretty much know since way back in Season 2). At least…it seemed big to me.

Next week looks to be huge…I hear we may get a big revelation about the Dharma Initiative, and my guess is it has to do with Eye-Patch man and his return. I’ll post a promo once it’s up.

Thoughts about the episode? Post ’em!

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February 28, 2007 at 10:08 pm

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