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Musing Review: “I Am Legend”

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I went into “I Am Legend” with mild expectations. My brother had said it was nothing spectacular, but that it wasn’t horrible….and by all former indications, we generally share the same opinion on most movies.

There’s been a bunch of hoopla mainly because of an alternate ending that was shot and replaced what was originally intended. I’ve had to wait until now to see what people were talking about. I’ve suprisingly managed to stay spoiler-free up until watching it, which almost never happens, and after being able to compare both endings, I think Warner Bros. made a mistake in the ending they chose.

I’ll get to that in a minute.

Overall, the first half of the movie tends to be very quiet, and I actually enjoyed it. Will Smith was on his game, as usual, and delivered a great performance. The dog that shares screen time with him, Sam, was also quite well. Sam is part of his family, and I really bought into their relationship. (I had read where they had to train the dog to work around Will Smith…it was actually pretty interesting)

In fact, if you’ve seen Cast Away, this movie is essentially the same, with Sam taking the place of Wilson the volleyball. It gives the movie some much needed dialogue. If you liked most of Cast Away, then you’ll probably enjoy at least the first half of this movie. With that said, there’s a point about half way through where the whole movie shifts…..Trust me, you’ll know it.

It’s all downhill after that.

I’ve never read the book this was based on, but after hearing all the news about the reshooting of the ending to this, and now having seen what was replaced, I think either ending still would leave me disappointed. This is one instance where the ending is very abrupt, and lots of things are left up in the air…on purpose…and it’s just not right.

I only recommend this to people who are die-hard Will Smith fans, because it’s got to be one of my least favorite of his films…(OK, well, least favorite of the ones I’ve watched all the way through, because I still won’t go anywhere near Wild Wild West)…Or, at least to those who want to see what everyone is talking about with the whole switched ending.

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March 19, 2008 at 11:03 pm

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