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Thursday TV Preview

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There’s not as much good TV on tonight as there usually is for Thursday.  May give me the opportunity to watch a show I don’t usually get to.

Survivor: Fiji– If memory serves, tonight Gary AKA “Papa Smurf” (awesome that Jeff calls him that!) gets another visit from medical…I sense he may leave before this season is over, but maybe he can pull through, cause he’s just cool.  Also, Anthony is supposedly going to “take a beating”, but I’m guessing it’s going to be a more mental thing than anything…after he couldn’t eat that pig snout last week, then made excuses about having no spit, I think his team may hit him hard on that one.  Should start picking up in drama….for sure.

Grey’s is a repeat, as well as The Office… I may try to catch 30 Rock even though I’ll have no idea what’s going on…..There’s also a possible Tivo hunt on the schedule….see if I can come up with anything good.

How I already miss sweeps….::sigh::

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March 1, 2007 at 11:20 am

Where’s Survivor headed next?

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Just came across an interesting blurb. Survivor is possibly headed to China for its next installment. Honestly, I think that could be interesting….Usually what gets me really prepared for a season is what the logo looks like.

I know that might seem weird, but a cool logo with the right colors gets me more excited for a new season than those drawn out promos that usually say the same thing every time….Well, they may say different things, but they usually sound the same.

Via TV Guide

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February 23, 2007 at 10:07 am

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Thursday Look-Ahead

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I know it’s early, but Thursday is one of my two top nights for TV, and here’s a look at what’s on and what you should be watching.

The Office-“Cocktails” Michael and Jan go public with their romance….That’s the extent I know because I’m avoiding spoilers at all costs.  I just hope Jim and Pam have a hint of conversation….all I ask for is a little hint of Jam…it’s slowly building up to most likely yet another season-ending cliffhanger.  Let’s hope they get it right this time!

Survivor- Easily my favorite of the past few seasons so far….I have the feeling someone from the high and might Moto tribe gets really sick by the looks of it.

Grey’s Anatomy– The conclusion of the three-part arc that will answer whether Meredith lives or dies….Her life currently hangs in the balance, but somehow I think she’s safe….possibly a shocker death in store that we don’t know about?!  Who knows….I know I’m watching though.

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February 21, 2007 at 10:33 pm