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Survivor: Fiji – “An Evil Thought” Recap

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I’m really enjoying this season of Survivor so far, and I think it’s because they managed to get a decent crop of people this time around.

I thought it was an interesting reward challenge tonight, throwing fireballs at those targets.  They’ve definitely used the formula before, but those shots of the layer of cloth catching on fire and burning apart somehow looked cool to me.  I really wonder how long they were out there doing that.

Ravu finally managed to win a challenge, and got to hang out in an arcade.  At first, I remembered arcade is used for other things, besides videogames, so at first I thought it might be one of those rewards where they go to a small town and barter for their reward…but it turned out to be what I thought an arcade is supposed to.

I think the editing, plus a little alcohol from Rocky, clearly emphasized he was going to get the boot.  He was probably drunk, but still….don’t continue to make fun of people after they’ve shown they don’t like it.

Of course, they managed to lose another immunity.  Honestly, I think Lisi should have gotten voted out.  What’s up with her evil laugh…she’s done it twice now….She also had that little outburst about how not being picked for the tribe switch was her ticket home….seriously, I think she’s guaranteed she won’t be around to win the million.  She just needs to stop mentioning it, both in her confessionals and to the tribe, because it makes her look bad.

I think it’s classic that Yau Man hid that fake idol…It will be hilarious if it’s found and played by someone.  Genius…..

I think my pick to win, Earl, is still the frontrunner so far.  He and Yau may even end up in the Final 2…we’ll see how it plays out.


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March 30, 2007 at 9:12 am

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Where’s Survivor headed next? Part II

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Interesting scoop…. Looks like Survivor may take a page out of the book of Survivorman and head to Canada in their next season.

Honestly, I think this would be a good setup. Possibly a colder climate, and if you watch Survivorman, may actually be on-par, if not better than some of the other locations they’ve chosen recently….Those episodes in Canada are actually interesting, and there is a sense of danger out there. Could be exciting, don’t you think?

It’d be interesting to see how the show handled a new continent….North America. I still think that they’d also be considering a South American locale as well.

Either way, I know I’ll be watching.  14 (or however many seasons they’re at now) seasons strong, and I’m not about to quit watching.

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March 28, 2007 at 10:12 pm

Wednesday TV Outlook

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Here’s what’s on tap for tonight:

Friday Night Lights-“Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes”: Since I’m not caught up yet, I’ve read the description.  Coach Taylor considers accepting a position at Texas Methodist, and his daughter expresses how she wants to stay right where they are.  Watch this show already, if you’re not.  I’m still not sure how official it is for Season 2.  Expect an update when available.

Lost- “The Man From Tallahassee”- We’ll finally figure out why Locke was in the wheelchair in this Locke-centric installment.  I’m hoping for some interaction with Jack and seeing why he seemed to be enjoying himself so much while playing football in the Others’ camp.  Should be good….Season 3 is starting to pick up some steam!  Look for a review later.

Survivor: Fiji- Fairly sure we get either a merger or two new teams tonight.  There’s supposedly some twist, but odds are I’ll have figured it out before Probst says what happens.  All I know is Rocky picks Dreamz to be on his team….Who saw that coming?  Hopefully Dreamz takes on the losing qualities of Rocky’s team, and gets eliminated already.

Anything else I should be watching?  Comments?  Leave ’em.

And go watch the Pirates 3 trailer if you haven’t already.

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March 21, 2007 at 10:07 am

Survivor Fiji: “Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong to No One.” Episode 5

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Interesting episode….a little over-hyped with regards to the Rocky-Dreamz battle….

Started out pretty good….Yau-Man is right, no way he’s going to get idol without a shovel, they wouldn’t make it that easy. I really don’t like these Survivor seasons where 1 team dominates….it makes it so un-interesting in my opinion.

The whole Rocky complaining thing is starting to get interesting, he seems like a really annoying guy though and im surprised he is still around. I guess he’s a “strong guy” on their team, but i don’t think he’s really shown any strength thus far.

Those 2 girls, i still dont know their names, Lisi and something….anyways, they are really rotten human beings…i didnt know what they were talking about with that coffee maker thing….so i’m with Dreamz….i can’t believe i’m saying it but my opinion of Dreamz has now flip flopped a little bit….

As for immunity…same team loses again…ridiculous….end the season now as far as i’m concerned…..Moto SUCKS…..i’ve never liked the teams that dominate…..not even Kucha in season 2….anyways…im still watching this episode on TIVO right now…not sure who gets voted out yet…anyways,

Watch the episode if you’re a die hard fan…bit in my opinion this season is going downhill…FAST


So…after watching the rest of the episode..thinks went up a little bit….won’t miss Rita…she seemed a little “spacy”….as for next weeks episode…looks interesting….nice time to shake things up….i think the producers realize that domination of 1 tribe makes for a dull survivor….anyways, until next week.

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March 9, 2007 at 9:17 am

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Survivor: Fiji – “Love Many. Trust Few. Do Wrong to None”

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Well, my wishes were not fulfilled with this episode.  Is Ravu going to make it as long of a losing streak as Ulong?  Apparently not, because they’re gonna merge next time.  That showdown with Dreamz and Rocky…not as great as I’d hoped…

But it does set up for an interesting turn of events later…..looks like Rocky picks Dreamz when they switch next time.

I found Earl’s helping of Yau-Man a good-faith gesture, but in the end, it doesn’t help him all that much.  I would think Earl would want the idol to himself, because there is no guarantee that Yau will have his back.  Do they even have an alliance?  I don’t know…..Yau just doesn’t seem to have that many allies, that’s all.

Moto showed major signs of fracture in their alliance.  Lisi and Stacy were being pretty mean to Dreamz…I mean come on, at least show the people how to use the coffee machine.  I’ve never seen one like that either…. Probably clever editing, but I doubt Casahndra would drink coffee that full of grinds…. that looked gross.  Initially, I thought they might have had some hot chocolate in there too, but that’s when all the jerkiness started.

And Boo…don’t complain when the others talk trash to your face when you show up to a challenge eating/chewing a mango.  That’s one big fat hypocrite if you ask me.  I just hope he doesn’t win.

You heard it here and now….My pick to win is Earl….He’s setting himself up quite well…..and depending on how it shakes out, he might have a hidden immunity idol to boot.

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March 8, 2007 at 8:07 pm

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Thursday Night TV Preview

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So tonight, not much going on, since we’re in repeat season….

Survivor: Fiji– Tonight looks to begin the crumbling of Moto, and after all their domination and thinking they’re better than everyone, I think they’ve had it coming.  Ravu is probably on the rebound, and I’m glad.  There’s also that looming showdown between Rocky and Dreamz, and that’s probably what I’m looking forward to most.  Someone needs to make Dreamz realize what game he’s playing…and that he needs to just shut his mouth every once in a while.

Repeats for The Office and Grey’s….Sadness.  Heroes has gone on break too……Man, the shows start dropping like flies come March…..

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March 8, 2007 at 4:35 pm

Survivor 14.4- “Let’s Call Jeff on the Phone”

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Tonight’s episode was again good.  The whole Anthony thing was just a little snippet at the beginning.  I think he’s just paranoid. I was worried Rocky might be getting a little too crazy when he started throwing rocks at the wall.  I know losing is tough, but you’re no Ulong tribe yet.

It’s too bad Gary had to leave so soon…he had the possibility to be the next Big Tom and go far into the game.  I’m really surprised they continued the immunity challenge even after his departure.  Maybe it’s to even it out since the one contestant left before the game even started.  Either way, it seems like there have been more episodes than there have been.  It’s only Day 12!  I think it’s thrown off a little since they swapped Sylvia in after the very first tribal council.

I think it was pretty clear Ravu was going to lose the Immunity challenge from the get-go….there was just too much of a gap, and those stupid lily pads were taking people forever. I guess they may be really tired and dehydrated, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt…but still….They tried to edit it like it was going to be close, but there wasn’t a chance.

I didn’t really know who Liliana was….I still don’t know every name yet.  I thought I had called that Lisi was going because she sure did get a lot of screen time in the episode.  She’s a pain, and I honestly hope she’s one of the ones to get picked off early on.

The preview sets up a brawl or battle between Dreamz and Rocky next week….Honestly, the sooner Dreamz is gone, the better.  He tends to run his mouth a lot, and it looks like Rocky is going to call him out on it next week.  I’m so there….

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March 1, 2007 at 8:21 pm

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