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Bargain Bin Lookout – March 30th, 2008

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Here’s a look at some good bargain bin deals this week:


Home Alone 2 ($4.99)- I’ve always enjoyed watching both this one and the first Home Alone during the holidays….they just get me into the Christmas spirit.  While this one is not nearly as put-together as the first, it still manages to capture some of the charm from the first film.  A great deal of the gags are recycled from the first, with little winks to the first film sprinkled throughout, and it still is hilarious (though still unbelievable at points) to watch Marv (Daniel Stern) get hit in the face with bricks repeatedly…..

The Da Vinci Code (I was really surprised how much I enjoyed this one when it came out…It was the summer that started with the bomb that was Mission Impossible III….by the time I made it to The Da Vinci Code, I was aching for a summer hit….and wasn’t disappointed.  While the book is far superior, you have to admit, this one is a pretty faithful adaptation.  It’s also very cool to see how they translated some of the scenes from the book…..BARGAIN!

CIRCUIT CITY (Buy 1 at $9.99, get one free)

The Italian JobI don’t ever remember seeing this in theatres, and actually didn’t consider it until a friend told me to watch it…sort of the same as everyone did with The Bourne Identity…..I wish I had seen it though, because it really is a solid mix of action and comedy…and you’re probably going to at least want to test drive a Mini Cooper after watching it….One of Mark Wahlberg’s best movies…and Charlize Theron shines also.

School of RockI’ve never actually seen this, but at buy one get one free, I figure this is a good one to take a shot at purchasing without watching.  I’ve heard good and bad, but there is the moment they use in those apple commercials that seems to make me think I might actually enjoy this one……I hope.

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March 30, 2008 at 10:58 pm

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