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Is “The Office” in a slump?

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I caught this article on TV Squad this afternoon.

It talks about the six reasons why NBC’s The Office is in a slump.  While I don’t particularly agree that the show is in a slump, I will admit that point #1 and #2 are somewhat right.  Other than that, I’d consider this season just as great as the model for perfection, Season 2.

Check it out and see what you think….

Via TV Squad

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April 12, 2007 at 2:33 pm

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Thursday TV Outlook

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Here’s what I’ll be watching tonight.

Survivor: Fiji-“Are We Gonna Live on Exile Island”– I think that about sums it up.  Tonight has the appearance of a merge, judging by all the new colored buffs the survivors are wearing in the promos.  I’m still rooting for Earl and Yau Man….we’ll see how the shakeup, if it happens, affects the two separate tribes.

The Office-“Safety Training”-We’ll find out the true dangers of the workplace in this installment.  I’m sensing some developments that may lead to the final arcs of the season.  I’ll be glad if Jim and Pam say one nice thing to each other tonight.  No more Roy after last week’s firing, so that’s a start.  I have high hopes…and the return of Andy should be interesting.  Seems like he’s be gone forever….and that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Grey’s Anatomy-“Every Moment Counts”-Now that I just remembered that this is a clip show, I may scavenge for another show to take its place for the evening.  Scrubs or 30 Rock perhaps?  I think those show up in that time slot…..

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April 12, 2007 at 11:58 am

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The Office 3.20- “Safety Training” Promo

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I hadn’t seen this promo below. I don’t consider it that spoilery, considering it’s a mere 10 seconds or so. I do notice, since it was previously shown in some photos, that Jim and Pam are standing next to each other…

Maybe we’ll get some actual speaking to each other, and not just Pam trying to be nice and Jim blowing her off or saying something slightly witty yet hurtful.

I can only hope…..

Via OfficeTally

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April 8, 2007 at 7:30 pm

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The Office 3.20- “Safety Training” Preview

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TV Addict has a preview up for next week’s episode of The Office, titled “Safety Training”.

It’s sad that this season is already coming to a close, but hopefully the writers have something in store for us on par with the Season 2 finale they delivered last year.

I’ll go ahead and post this as a SPOILER WARNING, considering it probably gives away a decent scene.  I’m staying away so I can go in fresh next Thursday night!


Via The TV Addict

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April 7, 2007 at 12:11 am

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Jenna Fischer on Jay Leno

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Don’t forget to set your Tivos…..Jenna Fischer, AKA Pam from The Office, is going to be on Jay Leno tonight.

I think this is her third appearance. She’s usually pretty funny. We’ll see if we get any Office scoop from her. Typically, she doesn’t give out any spoilers, but she definitely is an artist at teasing fans with what may or may not happen.

I think she appeared around the same time last year, so anything can happen. Tune in!

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April 6, 2007 at 1:16 pm

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The Office 3.19- “The Negotiation” Recap

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So it was the first episode in like a month for The Office, and it felt good to have it back on. That said, I wasn’t blown away by any developments. There were funny moments, but the “I’m gonna kill Jim Halpert” situation was resolved without any big drama. Here’s what I thought-

The Good:

  • Darryl….he was great in this episode…and he taught Michael new words! Hilarious….
  • Dwight….again…great. I waited for that reveal on who shot the pepper spray. Also, his arsenal of weapons was impressive….Ninja stars and nunchucks….
  • On a further note, Dwight has a couple of great references….I can’t remember the first exactly, but it involved how superheroes are the real heroes…..(I really need to live-blog this show), but his description of Hiro from the other NBC hit everyone should watch (well there are others too…like Friday Night Lights) Heroes….Classic Dwight
  • Roy is fired! They better not magically find a way to bring him back!
  • Supersized! ’nuff said.

The Bad

  • Michael…anyone else think he was just a tad over the top. When he was blatantly offering to stop having sex with Jan, I thought it was a little overboard….In a real world situation, he would be in the middle of a deposition like Tobey said….Not as bad as the wedding, but still…
  • Jam—I thought Jim was being rude when Pam apologized to him, but maybe it’s just because I’m still rooting for them….
  • To add to the Jam stuff….I think those who have waited will finally be rewarded this season. Those looks from Pam when Roy asked if she would try to go out with him seemed subtle enough, yet still revealing she has some feelings left for Jim….Let’s see what shakes out.

Just minor gripes, but still a good episode….It’s going to be a sad summer without this show around…..

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April 5, 2007 at 8:31 pm

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“30 Rock” gets a second season

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I’ve never actually watched 30 Rock…I think it overlaps with at least 2 other shows I watch on a regular basis.

I just read, via a tip from Aint It Cool, that NBC has give the early go-ahead for a second season of the SNL-esque sitcom.   This does bode well though for Friday Night Lights…maybe we’ll get an early go-ahead for that as well.  Considering both shows have a devote, although smaller than average, following, I can’t imagine why Friday Night Lights would get the axe.

There’s also some mention of Scrubs not getting another season yet, but even if NBC passes, it will probably be snapped up by ABC….good news…..I’ve recently started catching Scrubs in syndication, and it is escalating up my list of “Must-Watches”.

Anyway….linkage below!

Via Aint It Cool 

Full story via TV Week

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April 4, 2007 at 12:50 pm

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