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Wii Musings: Boom Blox Review

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I’ve long been a fan of Nintendo through the years, but in all the time that has passed since the N64 and even SNES glory days, my Nintendo Wii is just now beginning to experience some heavy play time.

Boom Blox, a collaboration between EA and Steven Spielberg, is by far one of the best investments I’ve made into a game for any console in the past 10 years.

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Here’s the idea. You’re presented with one of a variety of levels filled with building blocks. The object of the game varies, but in it’s most simple modes the idea is to knock a set of blocks to the ground in the fewest amount of throws. Sounds simple, right?

Well, it is. But what makes the game so much fun from a single-player aspect is that each level gives you goals to shoot for, allowing you to earn gold, silver and bronze medals in each event. This has kept me coming back to some levels just to try to top my previous medal score. I’ve seen complaints that some levels are pure luck and others are simple additions that serve no purpose. Honestly, the variety between all the situations varies so much, I never find myself thinking any one level is actually that horrible.

Unlockables along the way also make for an incentive to do your best and come back to get gold medals in all the challenges or, in my case to this point, as many as possible.

The single player campaign is broken down into a few different modes:

  1. Explore – You’re presented with themed challenges based on the different types of blocks that are the focus of the level (including levels for Exploding, Chemical, Vanishing and Point Blocks)
  2. Adventure – Essentially more levels like the Explore mode, only they put a story to it. In some cases you’ll have to escort a Mama Gorilla to her babies…in others, you’ll defend a castle from diamond-hungry raccoons.
  3. Master Challenges- After you play so far into the game, another mode unlocks called Master Challenges. These puzzles make you think a little bit harder, and I still haven’t beaten them all. There’s even an Expert mode you can unlock…I can only imagine what those puzzles will be like
  4. Create Mode – I could spend all day explaining this, but as you go along, you unlock items to use in the Create Mode, which essentially provides unlimited replay value. You can build from scratch or remix any of the levels in the game. It can be tricky at times to figure out the rules system, but it still allows for very extensive modifications or simple changes. You’ll also see on a lot of sites people creating themed pictures from Boom Blox, which are then blown up in some fashion. It’s quite fun.

Where Boom Blox really shines I’ve found is in the Multiplayer portion. Again, there’s many options to choose from.

Highlights include:

  1. Throw Mode- Basically reverse Jenga with points. There are many pre-built towers with blocks assigned certain point values. Players take turns throwing at the tower, with the person scoring the most points winning. Despite a limited number of towers, there is great replay value as ANYTHING can happen. Mix in chemical blocks, exploding blocks and others, and it can get very competitive.
  2. Attack Mode- There are a bunch of pre-built forts and castles, with the first person knocking all the opposing players Gem blox to the ground. It’s broken into rounds, and you earn more throws based on how many blocks you knock off your opponent’s castle. It’s very exciting, though I’ve only played 1 vs. 1. I have the feeling a 4-player version of this is going to be even better….I just haven’t had 4 people in the same room yet playing.

There’s also a shooting gallery, where you point and shoot at blocks, as well as traditional Jenga-style levels where a dice spins, and you pull out the color block that is spun. It makes it trickier than traditional Jenga, but it’s still simple, addictive and fun!

I may have missed some parts, but these are essentially highlights.

If you own a Wii, I really do believe you should own this game. I’ve seen some weak rumored sales numbers, and a game like this doesn’t deserve to be overlooked.

I give it 10/10, an A+, or whatever else is a perfect rating. I’ve never played a game so continuously, and the multiplayer experience rivals Goldeneye 64 from back in the day.

BOOM BLOX is a winner!

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May 15, 2008 at 1:32 am

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