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Additions to the cast of The Mummy 3

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I was wondering why The Mummy 3 was rising so high on HSX today, and I found out why after digging over at Variety.

Turns out Luke Ford, a relatively unknown Australian actor has been cast as the O’Connell’s son, Alex.  He was the young kid from the second one….which, I’m wondering if that kid would be old enough to reprise.  They say he tested against some other more established actors, but was the best choice.

I’m curious who they tested….It may be a little odd to see Brendan Fraser on-screen with his 20-something son.  Are they going to have to artificially age Brendan to make it work?

Also, it mentions they are testing to fill the spot left open by Rachel Weisz.

They say their intention is to make it so they can continue potential sequels.  It’s a good move by Universal, as long as they can keep up good story ideas.  From the rumors I’ve heard, that might not be good, but I’m at least giving this one a shot before I get rid of it for good.

It’s written by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough from Smallville, so I’m interested to see what they come up with…Not that Superman mythology transfers to The Mummy in any way…but still.

Via Variety.com


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May 1, 2007 at 5:35 pm

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