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The first Transformers review is out!

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I glanced over this spoilerish review from a preview screening of Transformers….I was already excited about this movie, but this makes it that much longer of a wait.

I won’t go over any of the specifics, but it sounds like it’s typical Michael Bay, whom I’ve always been a fan of (but like the reviewer, also didn’t really enjoy Pearl Harbor).  This one is inching up to the top of my “most anticipated of Summer 2007” list.

The one gripe I have, and which I thought might have not been true, is that the lips are still apparently on Prime when he has the face shield down…..Maybe, just maybe, they’ll listen to all the complaints about how bad of an idea it really is.  It’s just going to come off as weird if it’s anywhere close to what was in that “test shot” last week.

I’ll wait to officially say it was a bad idea until I see what they’ve done, but still….Robots don’t need to have lips.

Check out the review!

Via Ain’t It Cool

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April 27, 2007 at 12:36 pm

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