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Get your Spiderman 3 tickets NOW!

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I’ve just read an interesting bit of news about Spiderman 3 over at Cinema Blend, and if it’s true, I think Spiderman 3 has a great chance to beat the record for opening weekend gross set by Pirates of the Caribbean 2…..

According to the scoop, Movietickets.com is reporting that tickets for Spidey 3 are selling 3 times faster than Spiderman 2, and Fandango.com says they are selling their tickets four times faster!

FYI,  Spiderman 2 made $88 million in its opening weekend….Part of the reason is probably the fact that 2 released on a Wednesday, but this still bodes well for the third installment making a healthy sum of money in just over a week….We’ll see this May 4th.  I’ve got my fingers crossed!

Via Cinema Blend


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April 24, 2007 at 9:14 am

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