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Change of Heart…TV/Movie style

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Since you’re here reading this blog, that probably means you enjoy movies or television (I hope!). Seeing as it’s the weekend, I’ve decided to put a random post out there, considering there’s not much else news buzzing right now (except for the whole Michael Bay directing Prince of Persia news).

Anyway, I’ve noticed recently that my tastes for some TV shows and movies has changed, so I’ve got a list of a couple of shows/films that I’ve hated at one point, and now grown to love…in the TV/Movie sense of the word.

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1. Scrubs (NBC)- This show has been my obsession lately, thanks to a friend who finally sat me down for a full episode. I still remember watching the pilot like 6 years ago, and I don’t think I even made it all the way through. I used to listen to all the news about the show being on the brink of being canceled, or how all the critics praised its latest episode. Over that time, I’ve obviously changed a bit….I was a loyal Office fan when it came out a couple of years ago, and after sticking with it, it emerged into a cult status, and now it’s one of the most revered shows on TV right now (still has a devout following, and critics like it too….surprising for something I watch.) Now recently I’ve noticed Scrubs has been eaten up in syndication…seriously, I think it’s on about 4 different channels now, at various times throughout the day. I’ve noticed as it continues on that it has many similar elements to The Office, and perhaps that’s the reason I’m now a loyal watcher of the show….though, I have vowed to not watch the latest episodes, because that just makes it that much more confusing. I’m looking forward to adding the DVDs to my collection.

2. Friends (NBC)- I’ll admit….I didn’t watch this from the beginning, and I started watching Survivor in the same time slot (Which is probably next on the list). Since that point, I think I wrote the show off completely….I was always into the battle in the ratings between Friends and Survivor, which Friends always seemed to win….I think I did tend to rub it in if it did lose….either way, I’m glad I bought the 1st and 2nd season sets way back, because they introduced me to the show, and I finally realized what all those people who told me about the show were true….It was really funny…..Needless to say, it’s one of my all-time favorites now….Quite possibly the most rewatchable show in history…..And the jokes still hold up even on repeat viewings…Plus, it’s tough not to root for Ross and Rachel.

3. Survivor (CBS)- If you know me personally, you might be scratching your head about now. I remember seeing an early first season episode on TV once, and wondering to myself “How do people watch this crap?”… 14 seasons in, and now it’s still the staple of my Thursday night TV schedule. I started in Australia, watching that episode after the Super Bowl, and been hooked ever since. Honestly, I’m not sure what still brings me back, but I think it’s obvious Survivor set the bar for reality TV, and all the copycats can’t ever compare to the original. Now….if only they’d release Survivor: Africa on DVD…..

4. The Island (Summer, ’05)- I remember going into the summer of 2005 waiting for Michael Bay’s next big thing…The Island. I had only been slightly disappointed by Pearl Harbor, and still consider most all of his films to be some of the most entertaining and my favorite films to watch and quote over and over….Simply put….the man knows how to make a blockbuster. So, I set the bar pretty high for The Island…and ultimately I was disappointed. But now…..The Island sits on my shelf along with Armageddon, Bad Boys I & II, and The Rock as a rewatchable one……Upon second viewing, I realized it still had all the same style of previous films, but I also appreciated that Michael Bay took on a movie that actually attempted to appeal to a wider audience….Ultimately, people still expected the explosions and freeway chases, but the topic of cloning was something that seemed to be running in the news during the release of the film (at least, that’s how it seemed to me).

That’s all for my list now. I’ll add more if I catch any. Hopefully you enjoyed reading through all that…..I just had to write something for a weekend post.


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April 14, 2007 at 5:44 pm

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