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The Office 3.20- “Safety Training” Recap

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So overall, I was a little disappointed by tonight’s episode.  It had some high points, but overall, no major plot points were moved forward.

I’m ready for the promos to see where this is going…

The Good:

  • Jim and Pam spoke to each other….with NO hostility.
  • The Jam moment when Kevin said how Jim had been at Pam’s desk for hours and HOURS…..
  • The shunning and un-shunning was pretty funny…
  • The watermelon bouncing on the trampoline and onto the car….and then Stanley’s little reaction shot after the credits….
  • The jokes about the betting….especially Creed biting into the potato…..funny moments like these are what makes The Office so good.

The Bad:

  • I thought Michael was a little overboard…Not crazy like at the wedding earlier this season, but still….
  • Did anything even close to major happen tonight?  No!  Sure doesn’t seem like there’s only a few episodes to go before a finale….let’s see what the promos start to push now.
  • No new episode next week….bummer.

I’m hoping for a rebound episode next time….This one was just lackluster…….

It’s O.K. though….I have faith that The Office will go out on another high note this year!


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April 12, 2007 at 7:51 pm

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