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Wednesday TV Outlook

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Tonight is somewhat exciting for me…

Friday Night Lights“State“- The title says it all.  The Panthers are playing for the state championship against their former QB, Voodoo.  I’ll be interested in seeing what they wrap up and what they leave open for this one…At least they ordered more scripts for the show….a good sign of things to come, considering this show really……REALLY deserves a second season.  Personally, I’m hoping there’s more development in the Landry storyline….that’s been the highlight the last few episodes.

Lost-“One of Us”- Jack returns to camp with Juliet, and I’m sensing some confrontations brewing.  I also hear Claire comes down with a mystery illness.  Considering that creepy shot of Ethan in all the previews ,could it possibly have something to do with the time he kidnapped her way back when…..I loved the last Juliet episode, and by the looks of it (and according to Ausiello) it will be one of the better episodes this season.  I’m so there!

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April 11, 2007 at 9:17 am

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