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Lost 3.16 “One of Us” Recap

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So tonight Lost was back in form, and the episode lived up to the hype of what I had read about it. Seriously….let’s get to it….I’ll go with almost all positive tonight, because tonight’s episode was very satisfying.

The Very Good

  • We finally got some freakin’ answers! And a lot of them! The illness, Ethan, etc….I’ll have to watch again!
  • How about that last second encounter between Juliet and Ben…seriously, just when you start to root for Juliet…BAM! Up there with the eating the cereal moment last year.
  • I thought it was hilarious when they were approaching the communication station, and Ben was yelling “Don’t shoot us”…….
  • The flashbacks were enjoyable….I don’t know what it is about Juliet, but she really just fits in as a normal character on this show……
  • Juliet….she’s 2/2 in her episodes rockin’…..I’m seriously thinking that Elizabeth Mitchell deserves some sort of award.

The Bad

  • That it wasn’t longer…..seriously….great stuff. This is setting up the final set of episodes, and has re-energized the show tremendously…..Let’s hope they can keep it up.

Sorry this is so short….I’m thinking this will be updated later, because, once again, I didn’t live blog it….I think that would help a lot…


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April 11, 2007 at 9:30 pm

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