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A third Spiderman 3 trailer?!

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Ok, serioiusly…The folks at Sony need to stop pushing out trailers for Spiderman 3.  By the time people make it to theatres, they will have seen a good portion of the movie, combining clips and trailers together….

Honestly, this goes back to another post I had, I think they should be concerned that they reveal so much footage.  I’ve vowed not to watch this latest one, simply because I’ve seen so much already, I want to go in and see some stuff I wasn’t expecting.

Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg have made it clear that they won’t be releasing any huge Transformers footage (i.e. transformations, closeups, epic shots), and I applaud them for it.   Over the years, trailers have become more and more spoilery, and it’s getting to the point that sometimes trailers are better than the movies.

For the sake of Spiderman 3, I hope they haven’t entirely given away all their footage, but I do have my concerns.  Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong come May 4th, but I still say it would have been totally awesome if they had kept Venom a secret…..

I’ll provide a link to the story, but I refuse to post a link to the third trailer…..For your sake, hold off as long as you can!

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April 11, 2007 at 9:10 am

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