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Is it possible to hate Tom Hanks?

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Seriously….Tom Hanks is a great actor, and a great person in real life….but this latest development disappoints me.

According to the Tipster at Movies.com, Hanks has signed for The Da Vinci Code-prequel, titled Angels & Demons, and will have a salary of $50 million dollars…apparently one of the biggest deals for a movie star ever (has to be the biggest, right?).

If it’s true, which it may well be, I’m slightly disappointed.  First off, why is the studio willing to pay so much for one person.  Second, you’d think maybe once in awhile a movie star might realize an outrageous amount and be willing to work on a project for less than a record amount, just because they like the project and enjoy what they do.

Seriously….this is getting worse than professional sports…We won’t even go there.

Hopefully this is just a rumor, and I can go ahead and go back to liking Tom Hanks as an actor just a little bit more.

Via Movies.com


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April 10, 2007 at 8:54 am

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