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Monday TV Outlook

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Tonight, life without Prison Break starts for a few months…In it’s place is some B-Grade television……

Falcon Beach-“After the Fall”-Considering I think I missed the last couple episodes of the first season, I’m not sure if they set up tonight’s events or not. Apparently, the evil Bradshaw family (well, half of them at least) begin a takeover of the Tanner residence. Also, Danny and Erin are apparently already having a kid….possibly. Hopefully this keeps me as entertained as last summer…

2410 p.m. – 11 p.m.– I’m going to avoid a write-up on this one, and just go with the description from Meevee.

President Palmer makes a bold gambit, and Jack changes his strategy about Fayed.

I watched the preview which gave away too much last week, and I’m thinking tonight I’ll mute and turn away as soon as the show ends.

Thank God You’re Here- Pilot– Hosted by David Alan Grier, this show actually piqued my interest a little bit.  It’s been awhile since there was a challenge towards the likes of Whose Line is it Anyway?…..I saw a clip of the Jason Alexander skit, and it had a couple of good laughs.  I’m particularly interested to see it because most of the people don’t have improv experience….and also, Angela from The Office will appear on the show at some point.

That’s all tonight…..A mere 2 weeks until Heroes returns……phew!

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April 9, 2007 at 7:47 am

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