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Wednesday TV Outlook

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Here’s what’s going on tonight…

Lost- “Left Behind”– This week is Kate-centric, and there looks to be a throwdown between Juliet and Kate in the jungle….Kate apparently confronts Juliet after being deserted/betrayed by one of her own. Sawyer is also on the verge of being banished, which I highly doubt will happen.

I’m looking forward to a nice rebound episode, considering last week was all about Nikki and Paolo. I’m thinking about starting a list of Sawyer nicknames….those are the highlights for me….

Friday Night Lights- “Best Laid Plans”- This show has vaulted up into my current favorites….Tonight Coach Taylor mulls over accepting the job at TMU. I also read Jason moves into a new apartment, and apparently Tyra has a shocking secret….does it have anything to do with Landry? or is this something I haven’t seen since I’m still catching up as we go here?

We’ll see…..either way, I’m excited for some good television.

Written by flutieman07

April 4, 2007 at 9:57 am

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