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“30 Rock” gets a second season

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I’ve never actually watched 30 Rock…I think it overlaps with at least 2 other shows I watch on a regular basis.

I just read, via a tip from Aint It Cool, that NBC has give the early go-ahead for a second season of the SNL-esque sitcom.   This does bode well though for Friday Night Lights…maybe we’ll get an early go-ahead for that as well.  Considering both shows have a devote, although smaller than average, following, I can’t imagine why Friday Night Lights would get the axe.

There’s also some mention of Scrubs not getting another season yet, but even if NBC passes, it will probably be snapped up by ABC….good news…..I’ve recently started catching Scrubs in syndication, and it is escalating up my list of “Must-Watches”.

Anyway….linkage below!

Via Aint It Cool 

Full story via TV Week


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April 4, 2007 at 12:50 pm

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