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24- “9:00-10:00 pm”

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In the final minutes of last week’s episode, Jack and Gredenko have a stare off as Gredenko says his demands. Wayne Palmer finally does something presidential and stops Vice President Daniels from launching a nuclear attack against Fayed’s native country. Oh and who could forget that kiss between Milo and Nadia, talk about action.

This weeks episode delivered much of the same action/suspense as previous seasons have. In fact, for those who have seen season 2, doesn’t the whole VP invoking the 25th sound a little bit familiar? So, in a nutshell this is what happened last night:

  • Milo and Nadia are going to forget about Nadia being accused of being a traitor but not about the kiss
  • Turns out Doyle may not be a complete jerk since he corrected Milo’s computer log, so that no one would know Milo was accidentally responsible for the leak
  • Jack made the immunity deal happen but do to the situation in Washington did not have to honor it and said he wouldn’t.
  • Gredenko was injected with an isotope in his arm so that CTU could track him when he meet with Fayed. Only problem was he was willing to chop off his arm in order to escape with Fayed, which resulted in Fayed getting beat up by a bunch of drunks in a bar and Gredenko passing out and “dying” on beach somewhere.
  • Back to Washington, the Cabinet vote was 7/7 meaning that Palmer was still in power since it was not a majority.  However, Daniels argued that Karen Hayes’ vote did not count since she had to resigned earlier in the day.  The decision was going to be left up to the Supreme Court when Lennox blackmailed Daniels into with drawling his objection.
  • So, we think all is good with the President finally until we see him forcing the doctor shoot him up with adrenaline. THEN… THE PRESIDENT ORDERS THE GO AHEAD WITH THE NUCLEAR STRIKE.

The end of was one of 24’s fabulous endings.  Who saw that coming?  And what is the pres thinking?  I think he’s gone crazy.  Anyways, I don’t watch previews b/c they always reveille too much.  But I hope next week’s is good again.


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April 3, 2007 at 11:24 am

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  1. I thought Palmer reinstating the order was borderline crazy. I didn’t see it coming at all…and I think I was just slightly angry when I heard what he was doing.

    Be glad you didn’t watch the preview….

    Doyle’s “correction” gives them an out to write him out of the show whenever they want to now…..I think that action may come back to haunt him.


    April 3, 2007 at 11:37 am

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