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New trailers up for summer blockbusters

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So there are a couple of trailers online today for some of the possibly lesser-known (or ones I’m not nearly as excited about, but still want to see) blockbuster movies out this summer…well, at least one.

Ocean’s 13– I’m not as excited about this one simply because I remember not enjoying the previous one. Ocean’s Eleven is still great on repeat viewings though. I remember totally not expecting the first to be that good…..I still crack up every time Bradd Pitt pretends to be a SWAT officer.

Evan AlmightyAgain, I though Bruce Almighty was just OK….Though, after watching the trailer for this follow-up, I’m thinking seeing Steve Carell’s antics will be entertaining. I saw alot of similarity to sayings and mannerisms from NBC’s The Office. I’m sure Office fans will turn out in droves to see this one.

Both updates via Coming Soon!


Written by flutieman07

March 30, 2007 at 8:50 am

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