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Lost 3.14 “Exposé”

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I have mixed emotions about this episode.

First, I always love it when shows start off with beginnings that make me wonder if I’m on the right channel.  I figured out pretty quick she was on a TV show, but still, initially I questioned if I had mistaken.  How classic to have Billy Dee cameo as himself….I found that funny.  Hadn’t heard anything about it either!

I’m going on memory here, so I apologize if this is out of order or I have a mistake.

The Good:

  • The first half of the episode, when I thought they maybe had worked with the Others.  I guess that was just too easy…
  • Bobby Biggs, AKA the science teacher who blew up in Season 1, was back…merely to introduce the spiders….
  • The splicing in/re-filming of scenes from Season 1 and 2 to establish Nikki and Paolo were actually there the whole time.   The show seems so different now.
  • Sawyer’s cracks about “Who the hell are you?” over, and over…..and over.

The Bad:

  • So apparently, Nikki and Paolo still served no purpose.  Did the producers kill them off simply because people were annoyed by them?  I have to wonder whether or not they really meant for them to die, or were forced to write it in.
  • The twists that were revealed, at least partially, by the previews.  Seriously, when Charlie started talking to Sun, and when they accused Sawyer, I already knew those would happen!
  • The under-a-minute time given to Ben and Juliet…they’re footage was better than most of the other flashback stuff combined.
  • Like I read on another blog…TV Squad, I think…..didn’t the producers say Nikki and Paolo would be forever remebered after some huge revelation in this episode?  Not so much…..

I still enjoy watching this show week to week, but it sure seems like this season they are promising so much, but delivering very little.  Given, the end of Season 2 establishes a high level to live up to, I still think that at times I could come up with better storylines than these.

We’ll see what happens….And yes, Kate gets yet another flashback next week.

Written by flutieman07

March 28, 2007 at 10:16 pm

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4 Responses

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  1. Hey, sorry this comment is irrelevent… but i wanted to let you know that I just posted a sequeal to my entry “campus etiquette”


    March 29, 2007 at 2:07 pm

  2. they didn’t die if you were watching they just got paralyzed did you not watch and listen
    dude. didn’t you see them get bite by the spider didn’t you hear her say that the spiders
    bite paralyzes you didn’t you hear her say paralyzed to sawyer and hugo did you not see her
    open her eyes as sawyer and hugo were filling in the grave. come on watch the damn show and
    then write but don’t write about something that you didn’t even watch.


    March 29, 2007 at 3:41 pm

  3. I think they’ve pretty much confirmed that at least one of them is definitely dead, and one MAY still come back, either in a flashback or some miracle of being unburied.

    Either way, Alex, I’d appreciate if you wouldn’t make pointless accusations. I think it’s clear I watched the show….

    No more nasty comments please….just intelligent ones. Thanks!


    March 29, 2007 at 5:04 pm

  4. Yeah, um Alex, I think being buried by 6 feet of sand would kill anyone.

    This episode was pointless. It was filler. My wife says it was a bunch of flash back to the island so that they didn’t have to do any original shooting (saving time and money).

    The only purpose it could fill is something I have suspected for a while. I don’t think that any of the dead people are dead for very long. I suspect that season 5 will have them all come back to life some how. Hey it’s the mystery of the island, anything can happen. 🙂

    Travis Grant

    March 30, 2007 at 6:43 am

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