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Monday TV Outlook

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So tonight has a couple of decent offerings….On another note, I really miss weekly installments of Heroes.

Prison Break-“Fin del Camino”- Sara is apparently already on trial, and I have the feeling she’ll be placed into prison…An interesting premise would be to see how she gets out, and how/if Michael would be able to help in any way.  Michael is also on the lookout for T-Bag.  It’s clear he’s not happy that he got him out, and he seems to feel responsible for all his mayhem.  I’d be surprised if T-Bag was caught,killed, or anywhere in between, considering he’s a highlight of the show…even though he’s crazy.  Anything’s better than Haywire, in my opinion.

24-8:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.-I’m hearing there’s yet another mole in CTU….I would think it’d be way too obvious if it was the new leader of field ops, whose name I’m blanking on, or Nadia (who hasn’t done ANYTHING, so it shouldn’t be her).  I think it’d be a huge surprise if Buchanan was a mole, but considering he’s one of my favorite characters, I’d hope not.  We may not even find out tonight….I’m thinking accusations will fly though.  I’m wondering what choices the Vice-President makes tonight too…..We’ll see.

::sigh::  No Heroes……At least The Office returns next week.  That’s a relief.

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March 26, 2007 at 8:38 am

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