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Lost 3.12 “Par Avion”

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Overall, I thought this episode was just average.

The flashbacks were simply of Claire and a car crash she was in that killed her mother. Over the course of the episode, Claire learns of a “mystery” caretaker who is paying the bills for her mother’s care, even though it may be for not. Turns out this mystery man is none other than Jack’s Dad…and, the shocker that everyone saw coming…he’s Claire’s dad too!

Honestly, I’ve figured this was the answer they would give. I was desperately hoping for some miracle switch and have it be someone else, but in the end, it’s good to finally tie up this loose end. I will like to see the reaction when Jack and Claire meet back up again.

It almost seemed like a forced answer…sure, fans have been clamoring for it, but it sure seems like it would have or could have been done much earlier.

I was disappointed in this week’s lack of Sawyer-isms, but I’m sure he will come back full force later. The meat of this episode was the trek to “The Barracks”.

It was still hard to tell what eyepatch’s motives really were…. I really do believe he was telling Kate the truth, and that scene where he rattled through their names was pretty cool. The camera shots really added to the scene. I really wish we could confirm if he’s really dead or not. I suppose blood spewing (literally) from the ears is probably a decent indicator, but you never know.

The Sayid and Locke banter was hilarious I thought….when Locke was said “Sorry” after chunking eyepatch into the tesla coils, I thought he might add to the statement by saying how sorry he was for being an idiot….or dumb.

Lastly, the 30 seconds at the end were totally a great setup….Jack is running straight for Kate, only it turns out he’s going deep for a pass from Tom…..Jack, freely roaming in “The Barracks” playing football with their sworn enemies……This is just getting started.

Locke-centric next week, and it promises to answer why Locke was in a wheelchair…..I sense a showdown brewing between the search party and the Others…..Can’t wait!

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March 14, 2007 at 9:26 pm

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