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Wednesday TV Preview

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So tonight is a decent night.  I’m really looking foward to seeing what questions may potentially answered on Lost tonight (Eye-patch is back!).

LostEnter 77– Tonight, by the looks of the preview, should bring us some answers about the mysterious character we saw on the screen wearing an eyepatch…what seems like forever ago.  It’s a Sayid-centric episode, and I think I typically like those since Sayid is one of my favorite characters…His mannerisms when he talks, though an attempt at seeming intelligent and “I’m smarter than you”-like, are usually funny.  I hear they visit a mysterious structure on the island where this guy is, and my gut tells me it’s another one of those mysterious buildings that was on that map Locke saw last season in “Lockdown”.  There’s also a makeshift ping-pong tournament, presumably Sawyer making a bet to win back his belongings……He’ll probably win, considering Jack isn’t around right now.

That’s all for me…..though I think Road Rules and Real World are on tonight.  Yeah…they’re crap, but for some reason I still manage to watch.

Time to check out the scoop from Ask Ausiello.  Look for the promo I posted for tonight’s Lost episode a couple pages back….


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March 7, 2007 at 9:42 am

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