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Lost 3.11- “Enter 77” Recap

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I really thought this episode was a good reflection of what the producers meant when they said this season would be more about action.

One thing I’ve grown to love about this show is the Sawyer-isms each week, and we weren’t disappointed. The initial ping pong game was a great set up. I was laughing pretty good at the crack he made to the girl, Nikki (I had to look her name up), and apparently neither does Sawyer when we asked “who the hell are you?”…Clearly, a jab at all the fans who have wondered the same thing. Classic Sawyer….Also, Avalanche was pretty funny, and Zorro….heh.

Anyway, back to the episode. Locke, Kate, Sayid and Rousseau stumble magically upon a shack in the woods. It’s inhabited by the man with the eye patch we saw forever ago. He says he’s the last living member of the Dharma Initiative. I don’t buy it…..Later in the episode, we find out an intriguing plot point.

Anyway, the flashback deals with Sayid….I don’t feel the need to go and explain it, because it was not completely necessary. It did sort of set up the end, I get that, but still. They don’t really need a flashback from off the island every episode….they proved this last season when they at least did a flashback, but stayed on the island.

They get to this shack, and the man plays nice. Locke snoops around and finds a computer, and ta-da, falls right into place again…Haven’t we seen this before. The computer has a game of chess on it, and eye-patch from the shack says it can’t be beaten….clearly a ploy to make Locke try that much harder to beat it. The man plays nice with Kate and Sayid, explaining he liked to be alone and that the “hostiles” allowed him to do so if he stayed within the confines of his shack in the middle of the field.

Later, they cut to the chase, and the guy tries to beat down Kate and Sayid, but is taken down after getting the crap beaten out of him by Sayid. They tie him up, leave Locke to cover him. Locke says how there is no one else there, but Sayid knows different and uncovers another hatch a secret trap door that contains rooms with files on the Dharma Initiative and such….while down there they realize the place is wired to blow…..which obviously isn’t just a coincidence.

They are ambushed by a shadowy figure, but the moment I saw her, I knew who it was. Ms. Klugh, the creepy lady from last season who talked with Michael about Walt and his “list” that had all his friends names on it. They catch her, only to come upstairs and find that Locke has been taken hostage by eye-patch.

A standoff occurs, and Ms. Klugh is shot by eye-patch after a lot of yelling in Russian. But eye-patch is saved for later. I have the feeling he may come in handy later…by the looks of it, he’ll be the guineau pig on how to get into the Others camp….AKA “The Barracks”.

The episode ends after Locke enters a code on the computer he was playing with, “Enter 77”. This blows up the shack, and the communications dish that went with it….Oops….no more communications with the outside world…for the Others, or the survivors of Flight 815.

Again….overall, I thought it was great. Lots of action, humor….great. Had the vibe of last season when Henry Gale was interogated, and you just knew something was up, but not quite sure what.

Look for the promo for next week once I get my hands on it. Thoughts?


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March 7, 2007 at 10:36 pm

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