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Prison Break 2.19- “Sweet Caroline” Recap

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I’m starting to think my hunch about the end of this show being right. That said, it seems like they always find some way to extend it that much longer.

What the heck was up with T-Bag feeling the need to go around the back to get his luggage? Couldn’t he have waited like two minutes to get his bag? It sure didn’t seem like Bellick even had a clue he was there…..(He was talking to some lady at the baggage claim, I assume showing a picture of Sucre or T-Bag….Who knows…I can’t remember).

Instead, he goes around back, and still manages not to get the bag.

I thought for sure Maricruz had bolted when Sucre came back with those cherries….Actually, I forgot that Bellick was even on the lookout, so it was nice to see he found one of the guys….Where did he get the Tazer gun too?

And I’m sorry, but Bill Kim has to be the most annoying character on television right now. Can’t he ever realize that there are people over him that are more important. I don’t know if it’s just some personal grudge I hold against the actor that plays him (he is the guy with the snakeskin pants in Fast and the Furious, is he not?)…….But he just irks me. I really wished that as Michael left and Kim was there that he gave him a punch back.

I was totally expecting a torture scene, instead of that beatdown….Guess I’ve been watching too much 24 lately.

I wish Sara wouldn’t have fallen for the bait from Mahone. They sure did buddy up quick, but in the end I look at it as they were both just trying to work the other one over until one or the other got what they wanted….I didn’t buy it for a second…though, Mahone really looks stupid by letting her get his gun that easily….

I hope they wrap this up…now that President Reynolds stepped down, I’m not really sure what to think. Michael said they only had one thing left to do, and that’s disappear….I’m starting to think that’s what this show will be doing pretty soon too. Too bad….At least I’ll always have those Season 1 DVDs to tide me over…..

That was some good television.


Written by flutieman07

March 5, 2007 at 9:40 pm

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  1. I DVRes this and will have to watch it tonight after LOST. Prison break is good, but getting a little too out of reach. T-Bag should have been dead a LONG time ago.

    Dave Evanns

    March 7, 2007 at 11:03 am

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