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Monday TV Preview

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So it’s another busy night in TV-land….probably the last busy Monday for awhile now….

Here we go.

Prison Break– I’m thinking we’ll see what happens with Kellerman and the President.  I also sense a looming showdown between Michael and said President.  She hasn’t shown her face on the show since season 1, so it’ll be interesting to see if she still has the same edge to her character.  I wouldn’t mind a little more interaction between Sara and Michael….seems like they’ve hardly spoken since the sweeps episode on the train.

24-It’ll be interesting to see where this one heads, after that attempt on the life of the President.  I think he’ll survive, but I’m sensing Hassad will turn evil in the coming episodes…The guy has literally done nothing since the beginning of the season….same goes for the girl at CTU….I don’t remember her name….Oh…probably because she does nothing but tell people she can’t log in or the servers are screwed up.

Heroes– My fave of the night….I hear there’s a new hero coming in. I won’t reveal now, but I’m pretty sure I know her powers, and if you’ve been reading most of the articles about the show, they probably already revealed it at some point.  Linderman should also finally pop up.  At least one thing’s for sure.  Peter will be in this episode…and Hiro better find the stinkin’ sword already!   Don’t miss the Spiderman 3 preview during (or probably after) the show.

Look for recaps after the shows.

Written by entertainmentmusings

March 5, 2007 at 5:43 pm

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