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Heroes 1.18- “Parasite” Recap

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Wow….all I can say is this show is easily my favorite of all the new ones this season, and also is quite possibly tops on my list for all the shows I currently watch. Where do I even begin? Some points still aren’t clear, so I may need to rewatch this episode at some point.

Claire’s father is back to business as usual, only now he’s trying to hunt down his daughter since she was hidden from him. HRG’s employers grill him for information, but he’s useless…until we find out that his wife didn’t get wiped, she only pretended too.

Then, there’s the followup to Simone getting shot by Isaac….I thought it was interesting that Isaac felt the need to go to the drugs. Did he need them because he was upset, or was he not able to paint without them again? I thought it wasn’t really clear. I’d really like to know who’s head that was in the painting.

I thought it was kind of pointless how each commerical break teased about the upcoming reveal of Linderman. We’ve know it for weeks, yet they continue to pound it in to us like we don’t watch every preview. I can’t recall the actor’s name that plays him, but I’ve definitely seen him somewhere. I thought he pulled off the role very convincingly, and somehow I find myself wanting to know more about him…..He seems very sly and devlish.

And is anyone relieve Hiro finally got the sword back? I know I am! He finally has his powers back…..I’m trying to figure out what effect they’re teleporting to the future and seeing they didn’t stop the bomb will have on their “journey”….again, I’m kind of confused….

Possibly my favorite part of the episode was the new character, Candice. We have a Mystique on the show now! I always get a kick out of seeing the new people’s powers and comparing them to what X-Men character has the same traits…. I thought her scenes were especially cool….I was initially wondering why Claire’s mom was saying that stuff on the phone…then it hit me. Should have seen that coming.

The ones I’m waiting for now are a Gambit and a Colossus….those would be some cool characters too.

And I’m pretty sure Mohinder is done…judging how he’s hanging from the ceiling. This would make my initial guess correct, though it’s not quite official yet. We’ll see in a month and a half if Peter can bust out his powers and battle Sylar….It’s going to be a good showdown if you ask me…..too bad I have to wait until April 23rd.


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March 5, 2007 at 9:22 pm

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