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New Spiderman 3 Trailer Revealed

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There’s a convention called WonderCon going on right now, and people there were apparently shown a new Venom-centric trailer that is supposedly pretty good. I thought I’d read the article, but then stopped myself a couple of sentences in so that I can be surprised when I see it later this week.

For those who may not know, if you go to see 300 this week, there is going to be yet another Spiderman 3 trailer out. It seems like this is one more than usual, and I’m honestly hoping they haven’t shown all the major action sequences, but at this rate, it seems like they will have given up a heck of a lot of footage.

Either way, I’m sure the movie will still be good….it’s just getting to the point where movie execs make so many previews they give away all the cool scenes and lots of plot points.

Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see the trailer posted online early before Friday.


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March 4, 2007 at 10:13 am

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