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Weekend TV Preview

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So here’s the scoop for TV this weekend….well, Sunday anyway.

Battlestar Galactica- This is the Starbuck episode a lot of people have probably been waiting for. I think they answer something to do with her “destiny” and that painting she recognized….Anyway….it deals with her past at least. That’s all I want to know really….This show has really surprised me….I just hope next season isn’t its last.

The Apprentice: Los Angeles– I just read the candidates compete for a chance to rap with Snoop Dogg….Great…..all the more reason not to watch….Even though I probably will anyway.

The Amazing Race: All Stars- All I’ve found is that they will have rock climbing and whitewater rafting…Now it’s coming back. Isn’t this the preview that teased it as life-or-death or something.  Probably just clever editing, showing that team go into the water.  Anyway…it’s just good to have the race back!

Written by entertainmentmusings

March 3, 2007 at 11:28 am

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