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Wednesday TV Preview

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So tonight there’s a couple of shows I’ll be focused on.

Friday Night Lights– I think I remember seeing the preview where it asked the question “When your kids go out at night, do you really know what’s happening?”  It was very dramatic, but looked good.  I’m assuming someone will be injured or arrested at some high-school party.  I’m glad I caught onto this show….it’s actually pretty entertaining.  I just started on 24 season 5 DVDs, and the lady that plays the wife of the coach is in it….Tune in!

Lost-“Tricia Tanaka is Dead”- If they actually hold up to the promos, which hasn’t happened lately, we’ll actually go back to the main island for a Hurley flashback.  I hear Cheech Marin is playing Hurley’s dad, so that should be a nice surprise.  I’m hoping there’s some sort of revelation or mystery (along with some answered questions….like Heroes did!) to ramp up the action a little bit.  I think it was about this point last season where Henry Gale showed up and made the show crazy fun.

Look for recaps later.  Here’s a clip to wet your appetite.

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February 28, 2007 at 9:46 am

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