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Star Trek Picks a Date

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The news is out….Star Trek XI, which I thought might never be made at all (didn’t they say after the last flop that was released they’d never make another Star Trek movie?), has officially picked Christmas 2008 for its release.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a Trekkie. I never have even seen an episode of the TV series, and I very vaguely remember the movie Star Trek: First Contact.

I really am hoping this will be good, and if all the rumors about casting going around right now are true, then it has some major blockbuster potential.

Matt Damon’s name has been around for awhile, and if he does indeed sign on, that will be a huge boost for the film….Also, rumor has it Adrien Brody is in talks to play Spock, which seems like a cool casting to me. Gary Sinise is also rumored as Dr. McCoy.

J.J. Abrams is somewhat of a draw for me, but after his dud with Mission Impossible III, I’ll see where he goes with it. I’m still holding out hope….The effects needed to pull this movie off have come a long way.

It’ll be interesting to see reaction to a trailer when they get one out….But, there’s still plenty of other movies to keep me satisfied until this one gets released.

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February 27, 2007 at 6:24 pm

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  1. can’t resist an old crowd-drawer. Lack of ideas, too big budgets, the movie industry is in a bind. Expect more Spiderman flicks.



    February 27, 2007 at 9:05 pm

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