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Lost 3.9- “Stranger in a Strange Land”

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Once again I find myself slightly disappointed in Lost.  The producers have done interview after interview promising us answers to the biggest questions, and all they have done is over-hyped and under-delivered.

The episode had a guest-starring role for Bai Ling, who I still don’t know how got so famous.  I’ve never been to Thailand, but does it really look so similar to the Hawaiian beach?

It was nice to see Sawyer actually show a somewhat more emotional side, talking to Carl and how he loves Alex…I was at least glad that the Sawyer-isms were still in effect.  I guess they also decided to kind of stamp out the whole Sawyer-Kate romance….let’s count how long til it resurfaces.

I’m also glad that they are finally hinting at the looming Jack-Juliet romance….I think it’s fairly obvious they will have something in the future…it’s just a question of when.  I personally think Elizabeth Mitchell has done a great job, and somehow I’d like to think she’ll be around as a permanent addition to the cast….

Wouldn’t it be weird/cool if one of the Others abandoned their craft and joined the Losties?  That’d be ironic…and a great twist.

I’ll post a preview of the promo for next week as soon as I find one and have some time….All I gotta say is that I’m going to stop watching the promos if they keep adding in scenes that aren’t from the following episode….It’s just annoying, that’s all.



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