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Sunday Recap

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So last night actually did turn out to be some decent TV.

First off though, I’m ticked that CBS continues to preempt their schedule with live sports events. The Amazing Race ALWAYS gets cut off now that it is on Sundays, so of course, I missed the last half hour.  It was a good half hour, and it’s nice to have the race back in form again….weird seeing all the old favorites back again.  Team Guido is back, and Rob and Amber always make the game that much more interesting.  They kept trying to sell the grudge between Uchenna and Joyce and Romber….funny.  I think Teri & Ian were also a highlight I didn’t expect…pretty funny as well.

The Apprentice continues to be lame, but for some reason I’m still drawn in….their task was pretty bland and boring, and clearly Sureya is taking everything about the show too seriously…he freaked out about the boardroom because apparently everyone was lying and trying to eliminate him.  What’d he expect?  Everyone to play nicey nicey?

The best of the night was easily Battlestar.  At first, I was confused about those interspersed flashbacks, but they really did make sense after all.  The mid-air space rescue doesn’t really seem possible in my eyes, but I’ll suspend disbelief for a sci-fi show….definitely the first time I’ve ever been into a show that is as sci-fi as this one….It’d be nice if they’d reveal which character is a part of the final five Cylons….somehow I think they’ll  be saving that for the season finale.

Another good night of television tonight…Heroes, Prison Break, and 24.  Nice!!

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February 19, 2007 at 9:34 am

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