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Monday Night Preview

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So tonight is a great lineup of television programming….

Prison Break- Michael and Sara pay a visit to the Pope (Stacy Keach), because apparently he’s the only person left to help them.  After a week off, it seems like we haven’t seen the convicts on for a lot longer than that.  Plus, the Pope is one of the great characters from Season 1, and made the show that much more interesting!

24- Milo is under the wing of the Jack.  By the looks of it, he’ll be escorting Graem’s wife around at least temporarily.  Hopefully as action-packed as last week…just no drill bits to the shoulder blades this week….please?

Heroes- I’ve heard of a betrayal against Peter and Claude….. could it be because his girl is back with the painter? And the long awaited reveal of a new hero who has a cool new power!  Don’t miss~

Until later….Tivo is calling!


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February 19, 2007 at 6:55 pm

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