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The Office 3.16- “Business School”

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What a return to form for “The Office”.

After the antics we had to deal with as Michael went crazy at Phyllis’ wedding, this week’s episode returned to the show’s normal roots.  All the subtle humor was great.

Going in, I knew it was the “Joss Whedon” episode, but it felt just like any other.  The ongoing battle of Dwight and the bat, the possible “Vampire Jim”, and Meredith and the trash bag stand out as episode highlights.  And there’s nothing like Creed-lines!

The closing to the episode was honestly touching.  After Roy’s fakeish attempts to be impressed with Pam’s art, it came off as totally jerkish.  I’d be surprised if they last an episode or two more.  Somehow, one can sense that Jim and Karen will start to detoriate as well.

All in good time….We’ll see next week.  Sounds like another great one.


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February 16, 2007 at 4:38 am

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